Tuesday, December 28, 2010

One per Month - December (handmade gifts part 2)

In January this year I signed up for a "One per Month" challenge, proposed by another blogger.  A challenge to choose one craft book in my possession per month and make at least one item from the book. 

I thought (and still think) this was a marvellous idea.  

I, like many others I suspect, have purchased my fair share of craft books. 
I squeal with delight when they arrive on my doorstep. 
Caress their pages lovingly as I pour over them, oohing and aahhhing over the many delightful projects and possibilities contained within. 
And then what? 
I place them on the bookshelf side by side with the books which came before, only to be forgotten about and passed over as I look forward to the arrival of my newest aquisition.

This "One per Month" challenge would get some of those books down off the shelf, and I would end up with some lovely handmade items at the end of each month!

I cannot say the challenge was always easy. 
As time wore on I became aware of just how difficult a challenge it was, as everyone (including the original instigator of the challenge) dropped like flies..................
But I am proud to say I stuck with it, completing twelve  make that eleven (I'm still working on August's challenge) different projects from twelve different craft books.

And so today I present to you my final project in the One per Month challenge,
from a book called Gifts You Can Make (published 1978). 
I remember this book being around my house when I was a kid.  I think my sister may have even made a bag for me from this book.
  Some of the projects are sooo, sooo dated (as is the styling and photography, he he he), but there are afew projects which I would still consider making.

I made the Quick and Easy Summer Hat as a Christmas gift for my mother-in-law.

Awhile ago she admired the hat I made for Miss A as part of my February One per Month challenge.

Miss A piped up and advised Nanna that "mum made it for me!"
My MIL was suitably impressed and went on to discuss the merits of having a soft, foldable hat, which can be carried around in one's handbag etc. 
I knew I had a pattern for an adult version in one of my books so offered to make one for her.

And here you have it.

Gifted to my lovely MIL who is a very accomplished sewer herself on Christmas Day.  She was most pleased. 
I did, as per usual, alter the pattern a little to make the hat fully reversible.  I just couldn't see the point of lining the crown and the brim, only to then attach the brim in such a way that the seam allowance was exposed..............

And speaking of handmade gifts.  I did make afew this Christmas. 
Nothing like last year's mammoth effort but I did get afew things made, including:

this diary cover, using this fantastic tutorial from Bloom.  I made afew of these last year and they were all well received.  In fact this one was a request by my sister.
I really must remember this for the teachers gift at the end of next year! 

And a couple of On-the-Go Art Satchel's, using my very own tutorial, found here
I made them slighly different to the tutorial this time.  Instead of using fat quarters of quilting cotton, I used plastic vinyl for the pirate themed one and some cotton drill for the floral one.  As both these fabrics are heavier then quilting cotton I omitted the lining. 
Both held up well.
 Inside the Art Satchel's along with the VA diary and twistable crayon's I've included one of these fabulous activity books I stumbled across at a local toy shop recently made by a company called Buki. 
My girls are hooked!

So I bid a happy farewell to the One per Month challenge.

It's been fun!

If you feel compelled at all to revisit any or all of the projects I've made this year you will find links to each of them over on the right side bar.

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  1. You were such a trooper finishing that challenge... I think I got through about 2. I just love your hat, its fabulous. I can see why your mother in law loved it. That looks like a great vintage book. If at all possible could you loan me a copy of the hat pattern. I am desperate for hats at the moment as I seem to be spending oodles of time outdoors, in the new backyard.


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