Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Vogue 5782

I finished this dress about a week ago but have only had the chance to take photos today - and pretty dodgy photo's they are at that!  But it has been kinda crazy weather here lately. 
Windy, rainy, overcast, you name it.  Not conducive to good picture taking anyway.

So just to recap. 
I've made this dress to wear to my sister-in-laws upcoming wedding, from a vintage pattern Vogue 5782 in size 12. 
After choosing three possible dresses to make, I settled on making this one first, as it was the closest to my correct size out of them all.

Next I had to choose fabric. 
I did contemplate going up market and making a trip to Tessuti's, but time and finances got the better of me. 

No matter though because I really love the fabric I purchased from a local fabric shop on Marrickville Rd, Marrickville. 

As soon as I saw the bolt of fabric I knew it was the fabric for this dress.  I just love the jade green colour and although not really visible in the photo's, the lovely texture.  My mum says it reminds her of straw cloth???? but the lady at the fabric shop could only tell me it is a cotton/poly blend.............  It has a slight sheen, but not so much as to make it unsuitable for a daytime wedding.  Perfect!  And at $2.95 per metre, the cost of this dress came in at under $10!!!!

My mum, who did a dress making course at East Sydney Tech more than 40 years ago, gave me a hand altering the pattern to fit me properly.  She was fantastic.  She made everything seem so easy and simple, "a toile, why do you want to make a toile.  This pattern is so simple........" she said to me! 

So I started by cutting all the pieces as per the pattern.  The only alterations I made, based on my body measurements, were to shorten the bodice by 2 inches (I am obviously very short waisted) and I had to move the bust line darts.

As far as sewing was concerned it was all very straight forward and easy, until I came to inserting the zipper.  By this time, mum had left me to it, so I couldn't consult her. 

The pattern instructed "insert zipper 3/8" below neck seam, following directions with zipper for a lapped closure" W.H.A.T. the?????? 

Enter my trusty copy of "McCall's Sewing in Colour".  Published in 1964, it is a vintage pattern sewer's bible. 

With step by step instructions and illustrations for inserting said lapped closure it was actually quite easy and I was most impressed with the finished result.  I don't know what I would have done without this book though! 

My main dissapointment with this dress would have to be the hemline.  Even though I hand stitched it - twice - you can still see it through the front of the dress.  I don't have a tailors ham, so pressing it flat didn't help.  But at the end of the day I'm abit over it so it's just going to stay that way.

As for the shoes and accessories, well I picked up the lovely silver Midas heels from a local Vinnies store on a day they were having 50% off sale, so paid the princely sum of $6.  The necklace and earrings are from my mum's collection of jewelry, circa 1950's - 1960's, so are the genuine vintage article, as too are the gloves.  These particular gloves I do believe, just happen to be the gloves she wore on her wedding day!

So there you have it and all for under $20!!

I can honestly say I don't know if the other dresses will get done before the wedding as I had hoped, but after making this dress I can definately say I will sew from vintage patterns again.

edited to add: I entered this dress in Julia Bobbin's Mad Men dress challenge! 
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  1. I AM BLOWN AWAY. And rendered entirely speechless.

  2. OMG Fran that is gorgeous, well done

  3. My eyes popped out of my head, you look stunning. I love this dress!

  4. Just beautiful. This dress really suits you and I can't believe the whole outfit only cost $20! It certainly doesn't look it.

  5. I love the dress - very old time movie star elegance. You look great.


  6. Love it! Great work and that budget sounds like my ideal for a new outfit. I have a wedding coming up in the new year and think I'll be making something too.

  7. You look SO stunning!! Congratulations on an awesome job. xxx

  8. Wow you look fantastic! I love the dress and it looks great on you. Well done and Merry Christmas.

  9. What everyone else said. You look incredible! Gorgeous! Great work on the dress!

  10. So amazingly adorable! I am so impressed, you look straight out of Mad Men and sure to be the most stylish woman at the wedding, not to even mention the fab cost! Very very impressive! I am so inspired to run out and look for vintage patterns. -kb

  11. That dress is absolutely amazing, and you look so beautiful. Great work. I am also rather envious of your stunning costume jewellery. Ps. I love Marrickville Road fabric shops.

  12. You look super-duper fabulous! Congratulations on the vintage sewing success....

  13. Fran, the dress looked beautiful when you showed it to me almost finished but the full ensemble is amazing! Congratulations, it is so elegant and compliments you so well in every way.
    You all looked beautiful in the wedding photos - what a well turned out family!
    mish xx

  14. you look absolutely stunning in that!!!

  15. That dress is so beautiful and elegant :) Love the colour!

  16. You did a WONDERFUL job with this dress! I love the drape of the neckline and the belt detail!

  17. This is gorgeous! Well done, really splendid.

  18. This dress is lovely. I pinned it to Pinterest and have been looking for the pattern... Any chance you still have it and would be willing to sell it?

  19. WOW, what a classy dress - so elegant! Love it!


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