Thursday, April 7, 2011

hot cross buns

Yesterday I stopped in at our local bakery to pick up an afternoon snack for Miss A to eat on the walk home from school.  After quizzing the lovely lady who works there about the ingredients, I established that the yummy looking hot cross buns I had just purchased would not be suitable for Miss B due to the fact they contained egg.

Miss B has always been very accepting of her food limitations due to mulitple food allergies. 

But over the last twelve months, on the advise of Miss B's Immunologist, we have slowly, ever so slowly introduced dairy into her diet!!!! 

This is so exciting.  So super.  So liberating.  So life changing for the whole family.
Miss B has recently tasted many foods for the first time in her life.  It has been interesting to observe her varying attitudes towards trying foods with dairy.  Avoiding these foods has been a lifetime habit for her - to suddenly be told you can go ahead and eat them is, I think, confusing for her. 

Some foods she still turns her nose up at, others she has taken to with great relish.  Her new favourite food (chocolate is a food isn't it!) would have to be, hands down, Smarties.  When I was a child, my Nanna would give us kids a box of Smarties every time we saw her.  It was so sweet the other day when we were with my mum and she gave Miss B a box of Smarties...................

Anyway, I digress.  Due to her new found ability to eat various foods, she is now struggling a little with still being restricted by other allergens (being egg and nuts).  Hence the mini meltdown she had when I told her she couldn't have a hot cross bun.

So, today we baked.

Soft, scrumptious, egg free, hot cross buns.

And you know what?

They were even better than the store bought ones!  So worth the effort. 

Next up - chocolate chip hot cross buns.


  1. I get it in spades, how excited you are about growing out of the dairy allergy. Between 12 months and four years my eldest was anaphylactic to egg and nut. We carried around the epipen, we freaked out and we'd go for the annual skin prick test at the Children's Hospital. The last one was CLEAR. The challenges were breezed through and I laugh-cried for weeks.

    Hooray for you guys! Here's to further growing out of that allergy business!

  2. I'm so glad for you Fran, that she's grown out of her dairy allergy. I always felt that my big girl was kind of lucky she wasn't allergic to dairy along with the eggs & nuts. Your buns look great. Can you say where you got the recipe from? I've been going to try the 5 minute dough I make with sugar, spices, raisins etc added to see if it works. Btw, Bakers Delight's Easter buns are egg-free (though I'm sure not as nice as yours :-)


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