Wednesday, April 27, 2011

a walk in the forest

Miss A went back to school today.  I miss her already. 
We had such a lovely break.  I really love having both my girls home with me.  I made sure I kept it pretty laid back this holidays.  We had a couple of play dates, went to the movies, spent time with the extended family, the girls did an art class at our local community centre and we just hung out.  One day last week the girls and I spent a lovely few hours bushwalking through our local neck of the woods. 

We are so blessed to have this close by.

I don't know a thing about mushrooms/fungi but was struck by the number and variety we spotted along the way.

We also encountered our local colony of fruit bats.  Noisy little creatures. 
Miss B loves bats apparently; who knew?

The girls are great nature and adventure lovers, something I am so glad to share and nurture. 
The track we walked is about 1km in length, as the crow flies.  We took our time, stopping to look at this and that along the way.  At the end there is a little park where we had some lunch and a play. 
When given the option of bush walking back or walking to the main road and bussing it back home, both were adamantly in favour of bushwalking  back!
sometimes no matter how hard you try, they just won't co-operate!
We all slept well that night, that's for sure.

How was your break?
Hope it involved lot's of adventures!

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  1. My kids would give up chocolate to have that piece of natural fabulousness close to our house. Well. Except maybe Easter chocolate.


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