Tuesday, April 26, 2011

the Annie V-neck vest

I made an extra effort to finish this in time for Miss B's birthday a couple of weeks ago.
  I don't think I've even mentioned this project here before. 
I started it out of guilt for Miss B when I started the Dolores Dress  (which I might add is also almost finished!!! Just have to sew it all together and weave in ends.....)Miss B picked it out of the book herself and instructed me to make it purple.  Well actually she really wanted it the same golden yellow as the one in the book, but I could not find any yarn remotely similar at the time.
for Miss A last August, as part of the One Per Month Challenge. 

So, to the finer details:
Pattern - Annie V-neck vest in size 3-4, from Crochet Design for Kids by Lucinda Guy. 
The sizing runs a little big, for my girls at least. 
On the upside, the Dolores Dress should still fit Miss A even though it's taken me 8 months to complete it (almost) and I made a size 4-5 for my 6 year old...........

Yarn - Lincraft Silk Plus.  A composition of wool, silk and bamboo; 4 balls.  This was a nice yarn to work with, unlike some other Lincraft yarns I have tried.  And a very lovely shade of purple.

Alterations - the front and neck band was supposed to be 5 rows of stitching, but as I was running out of wool fast I made it only 4 rows. 
Also the pattern called for only one button, to be stitched to the waist band for decorative purposed only. 
Alas, as you can see the vest is rather big on Miss B, so to try and stop it from constantly slipping off her shoulders I added three more buttons up the middle.  They too are only for decorative purposes, I've just sewn the front opening together.  Miss B chose the gold buttons from my vast collection of vintage buttons.  She loves sifting through them, ooohing, aaaahing and sorting. 

How would I rate the pattern?  Overall, very, very good.  It was easy to follow, the instructions were clear and concise and I've made a beautiful little vest using a simple stitch!

She's happy - I'm happy.
Another UFO done :)

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