Tuesday, April 5, 2011

weekend about town

On Sunday, the girls and I attended a birthday party for a couple of lovely little friends of ours.  Sisters turning three and one.  Their lovely mum is a crafty type, so I decided to give handmade gifts.

For Miss 3 I couldn't go past an On-the-Go Art Satchel made up in this lovely Sanae Oz yellow flowers twill, with spotty contrast.  For the strap I used grosgrain ribbon.

For Miss 1 I used The Bonnet pattern by Amy Karol.  If only I had known about this pattern four years ago when it first came out.  Miss A and Miss B would never have been without one.  Too cute.  Miss A was up for a spot of modelling and insisted I photograph her wearing said bonnet.  Four years too late....................

After the party, we took a Sunday drive into town and wound up at a place we regularly return to, the Art Gallery of NSW, where we watched a very entertaining puppet show and perused a little of the permanent exhibition. 

We then strolled across to the Royal Botanic Gardens.
Levy's Fountain

Happy happy place.

How was your weekend?
Hope your week is a happy one!

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