Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Harmony Day

Yesterday when the girls got home from school, I found a note in Aimee's bag advising that today is Harmony Day, and requesting that they wear an orange item to school.

Orange isn't a colour that features much in this house, but luckily I had some orange felt and a couple of spare headbands laying around.
I'd pinned these tutorials from Craftiness is not Optional a while ago. 

They were super easy to make and in no time at all I had two cute little headbands for the girls to wear. 

They really love them :)


  1. So pretty Fran, you are so good at hair accessories!

  2. Your girls look adorable Fran! I made a felt brooch for my big girl for Hartmony day in kindly with the thought that we'd use it each yearly couldn't find it this year :-( so a pale apricot t-shirt and hair and with a little bit of orange on had to be it.

  3. adorable! love them both, but the row of tiny flowers is especially charming!


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