Tuesday, March 13, 2012

little miss B - an update

Afew of you have asked how Beth has settled in to school. 
Well I am happy (and a little surprised I have to admit) to say she has settled in beautifully and now gives school two big thumbs up!
After the first day, when she had to be dragged into the classroom crying, I gave her a little pep talk  bribed her (with the purchase of Angry Birds on the ipad no less) to go to school without crying. 
What do you know, the kid loooooves Angry Birds.............

Last week she was Star Student of the week in her class. 

 Congratulations Betty xo

Also, I finally got around to making Betty a smock. 

I made one for Aimee when she started Kindergarten and I used the same pattern for Beth's, taken from a great book, making children's clothes by Emma Hardy. 

I made a couple of changes though, I appliqued a 'B' (for Beth ofcourse) onto the front, I made an opening in the back to make it easier for her to get on and off on her own at school and I made the sleeves full length instead of 3/4 length to cover her uniform in winter. 
All I did to make the opening was finish the whole smock as per instructions, then cut from the hemline up to about 5cm from the neckline, I then overlocked the raw edge and turned it over about 5mm and sewed it down.

Another little sewing project crossed off my list :)

I took these pictures with Instagram, mainly because the battery in my camera had died.  I've been seeing Instagram photo's all over the internet and think they look great.  Mine, I'm not so sure.  Think it was a little too low light inside for the ipod. 
What do you think of Instagram?

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