Monday, March 5, 2012

Simplicity 2211

Hi there, how you doin' this fine sunny day? 
I don't know about you, but when the weather is fine and warm - especially after a string of rainy days - gee wizz it puts me in a good mood!!!
So, thanks to the sun coming out again, I've been able to take some happy snaps of my new favourite wardrobe item. 
My version of Simplicity 2211

This pattern is designed by Liesl Gibson from oliver+s, and produced and distributed by Simplicity under the lisette brand.
I've never bought an oliver+s pattern, but have only ever heard good things about them.
This here pattern is no acception.
Easy to follow, well written and accurate!
Remember this blouse I posted about back here.
Well this was my inspiration...........

and here is my version!

 I made afew alterations to the pattern I used to make it look like my inspiration blouse.
Here are the details...
I drafted a peter-pan collar using this fabulously detailed tutorial by one of my sewing heroes, Gertie.

I lengthened the sleeves by 3 inches and then attached the sleeve band from the inside first, so that it would make a little cuff on the outside of the blouse.

And I added a button closure to the back of the blouse, basically by cutting a
4 1/2 inch slit to the centre back.  I then made a length of binding from the same fabric to bind the edges with.  I self-covered a button and made a small loop, again both from the same fabric.

And the fabric you ask?
Wow I love this fabric. 
I actually bought it from Spotlight a while ago, with no particular project in mind.  I just loved it so much
It's a japanese seersucker.  Sheer and light and beautiful. 
And surprisingly easy to work with.  Just made sure I used plenty of pins.
As soon as I saw my inspiration blouse I knew I'd be using this fabric to make my own version.

Well I have to say I'm pretty happy with my version, especially after wearing it all day yesterday.

If I was to pick fault with anything, there are three things I'd do a little differently next time.
I'd make the neckline smaller and I'd make the blouse a little longer. Oh and I'd probably interface the collar. 

Overall though I'm lovin' it and I got several compliments yesterday, so it must look ok!


  1. That's so lovely! How weird that the blouse pic isn't on the front of the envelope though? I definitely need to add this one to my Lisette list.

  2. Ooh I love the top, looks fabulous on you. I brought the same fabric from Spotters but mine was in a fawn color with the polka dots, sews up beautifully.

  3. It looks fantastic! Such great fabric, and the Peter Pan collar looks lovely. I have that pattern, but like your version much better than the pattern envelope picture.

  4. It's so pretty Fran, well done, I just love it!

  5. Gorgeous! I have just 're-found' your blog after I found an old tutorial I had printed out, am so happy I di! I made one the blouses and it was too small- I have a 2nd half done (a bit bigger) and have lots the sew-jo for it- I think that collar has helped me find it again! Gorgeous! Love the fabric too. Look froward to finding more cool things on here!


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