Monday, March 12, 2012

a little bit of hooky time

This morning, while walking home after taking my girls to school, I decided to take a break from my daily grind (I know, I'm such a dare devil ;)) and spend a little time making something - just for the fun of it! 

Instead of getting stuck straight into the housework, I sat down at the computer with my cup of coffee, some red yarn leftover from this crochet project and a crochet hook and in the space of an hour hooked up this cute little headband I've had bookmarked for aaaaages.

I was finally, regretfully (so timewasting) bitten by the pinterest bug a couple of weeks ago and I was adding all the tutorials I've been bookmarking over the past few years by keeping a list of links on this blog to my boards, when I rediscovered the tutorial for this headband by Cami @ You Seriously Made That!?

It's so cute, so easy and so satisfying!

And talking of timewasting activities, I took a total of 47 photos just to get the four I've posted here! 

Hope you spend a little time doing something you love today :)  


  1. Wow, it's lovely Fran! You are so clever. I picked up a crochet hook and 'beginners' pattern recently and it all just looked like a foreign language!! Oh well, I'll have to spend some time on YouTube ;-)
    And good for you for leaving the housework to do something for you - good for the soul.

  2. That's so darn cute! It's really hard to take a photo of your head!


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