Wednesday, March 14, 2012

my new constant companion

I posted yesterday about how Bethany has settled into being at school. 
Well the way I have adjusted is by acquiring a new constant companion.
Enter 702 ABC Local radio. 
I tune in most days and am happily entertained and distracted as I go about my daily business. 

Today one of the topics of discussion was something called a 22 degree halo, which occurred in our skies today. 
A phenomenon where a rainbow like ring forms around the sun creating an eery sphere.  

Anyway I couldn't help but duck outside and snap a couple of photo's.

Thanks James.


  1. Ah, so that's why I'm addicted to local ABC radio! Not that 774 ever told about any 22 degree halo business...

  2. I'm totally addicted too Fran, and can often be heard boring others with " on 702 today..." snippets ;-) A friend of mine who has grown children recommended it to me a few years ago as a way of keeping in touch with the world whilst in the midst of the caring for small children bubble and I haven't looked back. I missed the 22 degree halo though, bugger!


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