Wednesday, January 27, 2010


Do you think I could leave a perfectly good 'official' school scrunchie alone..............not this crafty mama. 
No siree, I had to cut it up and make accessories galore for Miss A.

First came the headband

then the hair clips

followed by the hair elastics

and finally the hair bobble  (I loved my bobbles when I was a little girl!)

I also made a couple of simple headbands, embellished with a single flower just for the heck of it!

She might be ready for school but I certainly am not!

I spent quite a while at the park with the girls today, attempting my first real 'photo shoot' (where I tried to get them to pose, as opposed to just running around after them clicking away).  Let's just say there was alot of bribery going on................


  1. These are lovely (especially the hairclips). If only my daughter would let me put hairclips in her hair - when I do they are pulled out after a couple of minutes (big sigh).

    The photo of the girls is just gorgeous.


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