Thursday, January 14, 2010

getting side tracked again.....

With our time before Miss A starts school drawing to a close we have been trying to squeeze in as many family outings as possible.  Yesterday we went to the Royal National Park where we had a lovely picnic/bbq, using my patchwork picnic blanket of course!

Miss A snapped a photo of me carrying the drawstring bag I made to carry it in, I don't think I posted a photo at the time.  I'm so glad I made it - it's big enough to hold the blanket with plenty of room to fit in other stuff which lets me keep my hands free for something else!!

The National Park is such a peaceful beautiful place, somewhere Mr Sweetpea and I use to frequent alot pre children.  We were shocked to realise this was the first time we had taken the girls there.

They were both keen to see some of the local inhabitants - the best we managed were a flock of cockatoo's and a kookaburra - still, pretty cool.

I took along some bubble mix to keep the girls happy while we waited for the food to cook - all in all we had a blast, a really great family outing.

Even though I've got about five other projects on the go at the moment I've decided to join in with Chaletgirl's One Per Month challenge.  For the crafting part anyway, I'll see how I go with the cooking part of the challenge...........

So this month I've chosen The Happy Hooker for my craft book and my project will be the Fashion First Aid bag (page 145).  I've chosen this project to make for Miss B to carry her asthma and allergy medications when she goes to Occasional Care.  She's not too keen on the idea of going without her big sis so I thought if I make her something it might make her feel abit special, you know?? 

I have plans to adapt the pattern abit but we'll see how we go.  I'll keep you posted - better get hooking!

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  1. I love picnics!
    I've joined Chalet Girl's challenge too. I bought a few craft books last year so it will be good to have something like this to help push me to make some of the things I have been admiring. And, all that practice, should also give me some more confidence as a sewer. Well, hopefully anyway!!
    Is Miss A excited about school? J can't wait!


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