Monday, January 25, 2010

One Per Month - January

At the beginning of the year, Chaletgirl set herself a challenge to choose one craft book per month from her collection, and make at least one item from the book.  She invited anyone interested in doing the same to play along.  I immediately signed up.

One down eleven to go!  I managed to finish this months project with a week to spare - so unlike me.  Having a 3 and a half year old eagerly awaiting the finished product kind of spurs you on.  So here it is, the Fashion First Aid bag from Debbie Stoller's The Happy Hooker..........................

I modified the pattern in several ways.  Firstly I added a flap and button so I could close the bag and keep all of Miss B's medications safely inside

Then I lined it with a lovely spotty quilter's cotton.  This I did because as you change colours to make the cross in the design you carry across the main colour yarn leaving rows of loose yarn on the inside of the bag (I didn't think to get a photo before I lined the bag).  So the lining not only covers this unsightly mess but helps protect it as well.  I hand stitched the lining in place.

I also added a pocket to the back of the bag using some clear plastic vinyl so I can keep Miss B's asthma plan and allergy plan in there safe and sound and on hand should the need arise (let's hope it doesn't though!)  I punched holes evenly around three sides of the plastic and using the red yarn whip stitched it into place.  I will add a piece of paper to keep at the front of the window with Miss B's name, my phone number and the fact she has asthma and allergies, something like this:

This bag belongs to Miss B
Mum's phone number is 040* *** ***

Please refer to my asthma and allergy plans
which can be found in this pocket

One very happy Miss B!

So good bye zip-lock plastic bag, hello Fashion First Aid bag. 

A slight improvement wouldn't you say?


  1. That is such a fabulous idea - pretty and functional all at the same time, and judging by the grin on her face, I think she really loves it too!

  2. Wow - what a fantastic bag - your crochet is so neat and tidy! I love the lining as well (I'm a huge fan of polka dots).

  3. Fantastic!! Great idea! Love the plastic pocket. Makes it, finger crossed, easier for people to help and get it right xox

  4. Fran it looks fantastic, such a great idea, well done

  5. What a gorgeous bag, SO much better than a ziploc one - and how happy is your girl??

  6. oh wow, you did such a great job on this one! I love it!!!!!!!!! beautiful crochet and beautiful colours!


  7. That's an awesome bag, great job! And adorable owner!

  8. The bag turned out so well! Definitely more stylish than a ziploc.

    I'm tempted to make something similar now (although I might have to sew, my crochet isn't up to much...) my little one is obessesed with playing doctors / vets at the moment so it would be good to have a bag to keep all his paraphenalia together.


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