Sunday, January 3, 2010

What to give mum for her birthday?

I ummmed and aahhhhed over this question until the day before mums birthday.  I made a trip to Spotlight and came away with an 18 inch cushion insert - so a cushion it was going to be.  I really agonise over fabric choices, trying to choose something the receiver will like as opposed to what I would like, and as my mum is partial to brown (ahem) and is nearing her eighth decade this is what I came up with

I pieced the front on New Year's Eve, stopping just before the countdown to the new year (at least I finished off 2009 doing something I love!!).  I then got up the next morning and basted, quilted and finished off the cushion(starting off 2010 doing something I love - that's my defense anyway). 

Then I immediately jumped into the car along with my wonderful husband who had gotten together all the food I was taking to mum's to cook for her birthday/New Year's Day lunch...........well that's me in a nutshell, aLwaYs leaving things to the VERY last minute.

Can't say I'm in love with this, but at least it's something I made with love......and mum really seemed to like it.  I even caught her using it later in the day as she sat back and relaxed watching abit of telly!

So, that's my first sewing project for the new year/new decade off the rank - what have you been making?


  1. it's gorgeous Fran, so thoughtful and pretty. I have been making a pair of pants, complete with inset pockets and a fly zip...they were a complete and utter disaster, I just realised i have sewn one pocket in backwards!!! Grrrr!

  2. oh I like it! i love the love heart on the side!

    love how hubby needed to get things ready! I am totally last minute and many a morning am still sewing a dress for keira while hubby watches the kids (note that I still have to get everyone ready and do the food and everything)

    hope she had a great bday!



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