Tuesday, October 20, 2009

My Place and Yours - On The Shelf

I am not usually one for joining meme's but this one hosted by Pip really took my fancy.  I looove this 'shelf' at my place.  A mantel piece is something I've always wanted to have in my house.  We had one in the house I grew up in and I just love them, I even love the name - mantel piece!

At the moment my favourite 'shelf' holds a number of things very dear to me.  A bunch of 'get well' cards from loved ones wishing Miss A all the best.  And from left to right - a beautiful green and blue Art Nouveau tile I bought from an antique shop in Newtown many years ago, a portrait of my mum taken in the sixties, my new jug/vase from Ikea filled with freshly picked from our garden lavender and the last of my ranuncula's, an art deco mirror (above mantel) also bought many year's ago from an antique shop in Darlinghurst (my love of vintage started at an early age!) and two pictures of my beloved daughter's in lovely shiny silver/mirror frames. 

And yes that is me reflected in the mirror - quite intentionally thank you very much!


  1. Oh I'm so glad you joined in! And look, there you are! Cute! I love ranunculas too. They look so pretty with the lavender! Mantlepieces are really quite stately, I think, and the perfect place to make a lovely display. Well done you! xx

  2. What a lovely shelf! I especially like the mirror and the picture of your mum - just gorgeous!


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