Friday, October 9, 2009

Distractions, distractions........

Edited to add photo's!!
So it's been just over a week since my last post, but what a hell of a week it was. 

My eldest daughter spent five nights in Westmead Children's Hospital here in Sydney after having an operation on Friday.  Although it was a big operation, she has astounded and amazed me with her strength, resilience and the remarkable speed at which she is bouncing back.  We came home yesterday and she has had my heart in my mouth ever since (five year olds know no bounds) trying to do things I think she should not yet be attempting!

On the morning of the big op. I was pacing the living room floor, waiting until it was time to leave for the hospital, when I heard the postman's motorcycle go by.  So for something to do I went and checked the letterbox!!  I was most pleasantly surprised to find these wonderful sewing cards from the very lovely and generous Cass of Snailblazer had been delivered to me.  Wrapped in sewing pattern paper (what a great recycle) and with a little something extra for me thrown in!  I really wish I could show them to you now.......I can't wait to give them to my lovely little sweetpeas at Christmas.

A little while later the door bell rang, it was a delivery guy with a big box of craft goodies I'd ordered just the day before from here.  Some stuff for me and my girls and some stuff for my Playgroup.   Talk about good timing, we needed all the distractions we could get that morning.  Miss A and I spent some time looking at all the goodies and got stuck straight into using some too.


The girls and I made these fridge magnets last week and spent  Friday morning adding the magnets to the back after the delivery from CleverPatch

During the long wait while the op. was taking place, and the following days spent on the ward I whiled away the hours with a little crochet.  I think I'm now up to about 70 squares.  As each is only 9cm x 9cm I think I'm going to need about ohhh..... 360 of them! 

Lucky I'm still really enjoying the process.


  1. Wishing your daughter a very speedy recovery (but sound slike she doesn't need it). We spent months at Westmead after my daughter's heart surgery - it's like a second home to us!!

    Looking forward to the pics!

  2. So glad to hear that all went well. It's amazing how quickly kids recover!

  3. I'm so glad to hear she is recovering well, what a trying time you must be having.


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