Tuesday, October 20, 2009

SuperPops to the rescue

Courtesy of CurlyPops, an hour spent creating our very own version of SuperPops out of Playdough!!  Keeping Miss A occupied during her post-op recovery is proving to be quite a challenge, so I seized the opportunity to get Miss A (and Miss B) involved in this creative SuperPops Challenge

Who could pass up the opportunity to create your very own Super Hero, winning would just be an added bonus.  We had alot of fun, until the girls lost interest and I was left with a kitchen covered in Playdough to clean up.....  They were also very excited to see their very own SuperPops on our computer :) 

I have also discovered that explaining how a competition works to a five year old and the fact you may not win is rather difficult!!  She now thinks the prize is a SuperPops doll.............


  1. Oh she is just adorable! The very first play dough entry. which is SUPER indeed. Would you mind if I posted her on my blog tomorrow?


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